December 06: Romans 10:17 - Saturate Ourselves With God's Word - 365 Bible Verses


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365 Bible Verses Everyone Should Know

💚 Greetings: Daisy, Joaquin, Jonah, Remy, June, Rita, Brandon, Marlyn, mcforest, & Nellie

📖 365 Bible verses: Romans 10:17

👨‍💻 Teaching:
1. Faith comes from hearing, reading, and watching.
2. The seed of faith grows in the soil of God’s Word.
3. God’s word is a fire that melts even the hardest of hearts.

💪 Application:
1. Saturate yourself with God’s Word.
2. Plant your faith in the soil of God’s Word.
3. Expose your family and friends to God’s Word.

Why is it necessary to saturate ourselves with God’s Word daily?

🙏 Prayer:
Father, please fill me with Your Word. Saturate me. Fill me with Your wisdom. Give me discipline and consistency. It is my desire to plant my faith in Your Word. Let my faith grow according to Your Word. Please use me to expose other people to Your Word. Please give me opportunities to share the gospel even through social media. It is my joy to see people coming to Jesus through me. Use me… In Jesus’ name…

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