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MCGI Channel is the official YouTube channel of the Members Church of God International (MCGI), a global Christian religious organization.

In this channel, you will discover interesting Bible-based content. Regular Bible Expositions, Bible Studies and Mass Indoctrination sessions stream live in varying schedules.

MCGI Channel houses different programs such as:
🖥️ Ang Dating Daan and Brother Eli Channel: Discussions about faith, religion and social realities and issues using the Bible as the basis.
🖥️ Kristiano Drama: Original short films that aim to impart lessons on dealing with real-life situations the Christian way.
🖥️ Story of My Faith: Inspiring stories of people, faith and their journey towards the path of God.
🖥️ Global Prayer for Humanity: Bringing people together in prayer. Weekdays at 9:30 p.m. PHT.
🖥️ MCGI Cares: Love and good works unto all — witness MCGI’s global charitable works.
🖥️ Songs of Faith: Non-stop songs of praise and worship dedicated to the Almighty.